Month: July 2018

Paedophiles & the Online Communities they’re Thriving in. **UPDATED**

**UPDATE** For those of you who have contacted me and asked if there had been any update since I reported the person to the National Crime Agency, I do in fact have an update. One of the Children’s Service’s Case Worker’s emailed me back to let me know that I wasn’t the only one that…

By northernirishgirlonline July 21, 2018 1

My Hair Routine – My Recommended Hair Products for Dry & Coloured Hair

Hey my loves, Firstly, this isn’t sponsored or an ad, these products are products that I have either found when trying products out; or products that my amazing Stylist, Georgina from Hair Traffic, Belfast has recommended to me when I go in to get my hair cut and coloured with her once a month. Disclaimer:…

By northernirishgirlonline July 19, 2018 3