Lookiero Review – Is it Worth it?

September 30, 2018northernirishgirlonline

Hey all,

I have been attempting to post this review for MONTHS, but I really just have not had the energy to edit the photos and didn’t want people to think my bedroom was untidy when it was just the paper and crap from the box. 

So, I came across Lookiero on Instagram, I decided to sign up and see what it was about, thinking, of course, I could review it on my blog. Basically, you fill in a bit about yourself, your style and type of clothes you are looking for. You are then assigned to a “personal shopper“. That person, who for me was a lady named Melissa, was then in charge of picking out outfits in their warehouse and parcelling it up and sending it to you.

I was obviously excited to see what had been chosen for me and one of the things I had wanted to focus on was getting my curves some more love as t-shirts were either too baggy looking or sat weird on me boobs.

I’m very, very lucky that I’m an hourglass shape, I’ve a big set of boobs and a decent sized butt, but I’m so shit at styling myself unless I get a bodycon dress or something like that, but with IBS I’m always so conscious of my stomach after a meal or drink.

So, I thought, “brilliant, this girl will know the craic and I’ll get some serious styling.” Hmm… NOPE. 

I honestly cannot remember how long it took for the package to arrive, but I was so excited when it did. It arrived in a sealed waterproof envelope, the package was inside. No issues with the delivery or packaging from what I remember.



As you can see above this is what was on the inside of the box. I stupidly thought that ALL the clothes would be in there so I was dead excited. It was then I realised that I’d only receive one from each of the little cards. Feeling slightly underwhelmed I decided to continue on and see what I had been sent.

I received five items, a pair of jeans, a striped t-shirt, a “flowy” black shirt for work (I think), a faux leather mini skirt and the monstrosity, I mean the striped dress. I won’t lie I was extremely disappointed, at first glance I knew immediately I’d only be keeping the jeans and possibly the t-shirt.

I’ve been working on being more positive about things, so I thought I’d try the outfits on. I was desperate to like the outfits as I’d lost a lot of weight and my clothes were either too baggy or just didn’t sit right.

As you can see I tried all the outfits on, I did like the striped t-shirt, but it was a bit too baggy. I loved the jeans (I knew I would), I didn’t like the black shirt (too baggy) or the leather skirt and I hated the dress as I felt absolutely massive in it.

So, the material, let’s get to the material. The monstrosity dress was super thin. Now, I appreciate we had that wee bitta hot weather there, but I do live in Northern Ireland and we tend to get a lot of that watery shit called rain, A LOT.

All I could picture was getting caught in the rain and my whole birthday suit being on show because it was that thin. There was also the weird little gap in between my tits which would have been amazing if I needed to have a sneaky itch, but probably have made me super self-conscious and wanting to cover myself up, constantly.

The black shirt was the exact same, it was like they were made of paper. The skirt, it was okay, but I have a faux leather skirt from Primark that sits way nicer and by the time I tried that on I was fed up.

The jeans seemed decent quality, they are a bit big, but that’s fine because it means they won’t dig into the scars on my stomach and hurt me when my belly swells like I’ve swallowed a watermelon whole after I eat literally any fucking thing.

The striped black and white t-shirt actually had a hole in it and as I mentioned was just a bit too big. It was like one of those holes where someone had accidentally burnt it with a cigarette, then it had been washed and it was just a weird ash hole (say that out loud, hahahahahahah).

I’m sure some of you guys are looking at the photos and thinking “Are you for real? These are lovely!” You know yourself, though, if you aren’t comfortable you won’t wear it.

What I forgot to mention was that you don’t pay for the clothes right away, you have a certain period of time to return them or log in and complete a return so Lookeiro knows not to charge you. I jumped on the site right away as I knew nothing was going to change my mind.

When I looked at the total amount the clothes would cost if I decided to keep them, it was £165!! Look, I’m not that bitch, okay? If I wanna spend £165 I’ll go to Primark and get at least 10 outfits, socks, knickers and shoes for that fucking price.

I immediately started clicking on the items I’d be returning until it was only the jeans left. The jeans were only £15 (I think) which I thought was decent and I genuinely loved the jeans.

They had the option to drop the return off or have someone collect it. I chose DHL/DPD collection and had the box packed up in about ten minutes, sealed and ready to be collected.

I had my account set up to send me clothes every month, but I cancelled it after that and I know 100% I cancelled it as I received an email stating it had been cancelled.

Then, all of a sudden a few days ago I got an email telling me that it was coming up to the date for another round of clothes to be sent out and I was like “W.T.F?”

So, I log on to the website and I shit you not, it was active for a monthly subscription, AGAIN. I cancelled it, AGAIN and I am in the process of deleting my account.

GDPR kids, don’t have random accounts open on the internet if you aren’t using them, because nine times out of ten the fuckers won’t delete your card details or any personal details unless you physically ask for your account to be closed.

I haven’t seen anyone else review it, but I’d be interested in hearing other people’s opinions on whether or not they have used Lookiero, or heard of anyone using Lookeiro.

Could I have given them another chance? Probably… but the clothes weren’t worth it for me. So let’s score out of 10, shall we?

1 being shit and 10 being exceptional

Ease of using Website – 10/10
Delivery – 7/10
Packaging – 4/10 (save the trees, people)
Clothes style – 5/10
Clothes quality 2/10
Returns process – 10/10
Collection process – 0/10 (I had to remind them to collect it)

Do you think I was too harsh? Have you tried them yourselves and had a different experience?

Sorry, the photos were shit, I start uni in minus 2 weeks and I’ve been so busy writing my novel that my photo editing has gone to shit. Hopefully, because the photos are smaller they don’t look like crap.

Love to hear your thoughts, feelings and see your comments.

Until next time…

Take care and stay safe.

Northern Irish Girl Online


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