Bloggers You Need to Follow, STAT Part #1

October 10, 2018northernirishgirlonline

Hello, you beautiful, sexy, people,

One thing I schedule in when I am doing my planner for the month is time to read my favourite blogger’s blog posts. I have been reading blogs since as long as I can remember and always wanted to do it myself, but never thought I’d enough to say (who was I kidding?) So, I decided the time had come to share with you my absolute favourite bloggers and the reasons why I find them so interesting. Some of them you may know, some you may not, but I would absolutely love it if you would go to their sites which will be linked and give them a read and of course, a lot of love!

Quick disclaimer – these are NOT in order of favourites or anything like that, it’s just how I’ve written them down.

Anna Saccone Joly

Anna Saccone Joly

Anna who is a fellow Irish/Italian (like me!) was one of the first people that inspired me to create my blog. She often shares amazing recipes on her blog and via her Youtube Channel which you can subscribe to here.

I don’t remember how I came across Anna, I think it was through Zoe Sugg and then I started watching the SacconeJoly’s on Youtube and the rest is history. Anna has gotten quite a bit of shit on her parenting skills, how she looks, basically, anything she does there is a troll attached. It got so bad she had to take a break after her miscarriage and anytime I witness a troll having a go at her I’m right there making a dick out of them. Just remember, if you have nothing nice to say, just keep your smelly fingers off your keyboard. I talk about my feelings on keyboard warriors in one of my earlier blog posts, if you fancy reading it then it can be found, here.

One of the reasons she inspired me was when she talked about her issues with her mental health and touched on the topic of miscarriage, which is something I have dealt with, personally. It was good to know at the time I wasn’t the only one feeling the way I was feeling after losing a baby.

She also blogs about makeup, beauty, style, parenting and lots more. I got totally absorbed in her blogs for a good few weeks until I’d read them all. I’ve already nodded to her several times in other blog posts, especially my Chocolate Chip Pancake Recipe which you can find here.

Makeup Fairy aka Joanne Larby 


Joanne is an actual babe and is also Irish (do you see a theme, here?) I found her on Snapchat, first. Then she mentioned her blog which I then went on the hunt for. I LOVE her blog which is linked, here. That’s the dream layout for my blog #bloggoals and it’s just so informative and has lots of gorgeous pictures, videos, tutorials and a lot of information on health, fitness and body confidence which is so important.

Joanne gets so much shit, especially from other Irish social media “influencers”, I use the term “influencers”, very, very loosely as I don’t agree with the shit they call Joanne out for because no one is perfect. 

Joanne also has her own makeup brand which you can pick up, here. I’ve purchased her book which is currently out of stock, but I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get into blogging or social media as there is a lot of helpful tips and apps you can pick up once it’s back in stock. I’ve learnt a tonne from her book, she also does Instagram lives as along with a lot of us, she dumped Snapchat when the stupid new layout came in.

Her body confidence talks have spurred me on many a time when I’ve felt so frumpy and gross in an outfit that just wasn’t made for my curvy frame. I talk about that a bit in my blog post on reviewing Lookeiro which you can find, here

I recommend adding her social’s which you can find on her site and sending her lots of love because she’s a gorgeous girl and she doesn’t get enough credit for how hard she works. She’s also a big fan of horses and dogs, like myself so I was drawn to her because we had quite a bit in common.

Lovely Girly Bits aka Karen Constantine


Karen has won awards for her amazing blog, she’s also Irish….(what? I’m from the Emerald Isle and I support my girls!) She’s brilliant craic and I again, found her on Snapchat, originally.

When I was thinking of blogging I got in touch with Karen and she gave me so much advice on the Dos and Dont’s of blogging and the characters to be wary of. She deserves all the amazing things coming her way as she’s such a lovely person and takes the best photos I’ve ever seen for her blog which I have linked, here.

Karen also does Instagram, Facebook lives as well. I haven’t seen her on Snapchat for a while, but that’s because I’m barely on it and if I am it’s only to reply to messages people have sent me. Check out her blog here and add her social media which should all be linked on her site.

Ruth aka Ruth in Revolt aka Godmother of Blogging


Our wee Ruth, how can you not love her? Look at that wee face!! She’s just the most beautiful girl with a beautiful soul. She’s so kind, considerate, helpful and was actually my first blogging friend who even though she didn’t know me from Adam, took so much time out to help me. When I went through a really rough time a few months ago, she was right there, she also introduced me to one of my favourite people, Shan. I’ll speak about Shan in a bit. 

If you don’t know who Ruth is then you are either a blogging newbie, or you’ve been living under a rock. This girl is honestly a wee superstar, she is Scottish and lives in Aberdeen with her partner and cat. If you want to know about blogging, need resources or advice then go visit her site because she has done every post you could think of and it’s all clearly linked. Her blog can be found, here and be sure to add her social media and check them out.

My lovely Shan ~ Mam Rants & Reviews


Shan is an actual legend of a woman, Welsh and a total MILF. I mentioned previously I met her through Ruth. Shan was another one who helped me through such a tough time and I’ll be eternally grateful. Another beautiful soul, I think the two of us are a bit like Ying & Yang as we try to inspire one another and are also pretty decent fangirls of Harry Potter. 

She’s a Hufflepuff whereas I’m a Gryffindor, we balance each other out nicely. I also really look up to Shan when it comes to blogging as she’s amazing. Another beautiful soul with a wealth of knowledge in blogging and someone who just doesn’t get enough credit which makes me deadly annoyed as she deserves so much success. Don’t get me wrong, Shan is very successful and has an amazing blog, but I want her to be as successful as possible. Please go check out her blog which is linked, here. Lots of information on blogging, writing, product reviews, she has a slight obsession with The Body Shop so if you love Body Shop then you’ll definitely enjoying reading up on the latest products. #yerawizardharry


I pissed myself for a good minute at this and had to refrain myself from physically texting it to Shan lol.


Jay, my twin brother from another mother


This guy is probably one the nicest, most creative, helpful and intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to. He has an absolute heart of gold, is a fellow writer (Jay, Shan and I have a group chat to update each other on our book writing process). Be sure to check out his social media, he is a gem and is one of the biggest fellow blog supporters, always ensuring he has a blogger of the week or a follow Friday. His book will 100% be a best seller when he publishes it and I honestly cannot wait for people to read it because I’m telling you, it’s absolutely amazing from the snippets he’s allowed me to read. He also has an awesome beard.

His blog is full of really important information on mental health in men. He also has an amazing guest post section called “Odd Socks” where other bloggers have featured and it’s 100% worth checking out. He also talks about dating (yes, he’s single ladies, but I’m telling you he won’t be for long so if I were you I’d get a move on! #justsayin’), the online blogging world and lots, lots more. I have linked his site for you to check it out, here.

The Financial Diet


So, I’ve decided that now I’m not in my 20’s anymore (insert sad violin music here) that I should probably get my shit together when it comes to money, budgeting and getting rid of my mountain of debt that means I can’t adopt all the dogs, sloths, goats, meerkats and horses in the world. Or, buy my dream home by the sea. 

The Financial Diet has information you can find on budgeting, career information, finances, and so much more. The site is beautifully laid out and is jam-packed with lots of information, tips, tricks and hacks to get your finances in a better state. I have linked the blog, here.

I literally went through a tonne of the posts and wrote down the suggested tips and tricks. There is also posts on apps to help, this is very handy if you live in the US, but unfortunately, the majority of the apps I read about were not available in the UK at the time.

Saving Joyfully ~ Andrea Joy


Another amazing finance based blogger. I have learned an absolute tonne from following Andrea Joy and again, I took my notebook and wrote down pretty much the majority of the tips that Andrea had shared in her posts. She has so much information on her blog about living and managing on a budget, apps to download, tips on how to save and so much more. Her blog can be found, here.

Another great thing about Andrea’s blog is the apps you can use to earn cashback, as that is something I’ve been looking at recently whilst trying to tighten the ol’ purse strings. Her advice is amazing, it’s simple but informative and Andrea is such a lovely person and so helpful. Check out her blog, and follow her on social media.

Joan Senio ~ My Best Friend Adeline


Joan is one of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. I love going to her blog and reading about mindfulness as it’s something I’ve become very tuned into after being diagnosed with PTSD. I was also studying CBT when I first came across her blog so found her posts really helpful. You can find her blog, here.

Her blog is one of the top 75 happiness blogs on the internet and it’s not hard to see why. There is so much information on self-care, mindfulness, being positive, and self-compassion. If I’m feeling shit about myself which happens at least once a day for me, I go to one of her posts. My favourite one this month which has been my go-to is this one.

A Woman’s Confidence


You might recognise this absolutely stunning young woman from a previous guest post she did on my blog. You can find her post, here. Sarah is such a lovely girl, her blog is full of beauty and makeup tips and tricks. Check out her blog, here and be sure to follow her social media.

There is a tonne of product reviews on there and it’s 100% worth a read, I usually double check Sarah’s blog before I go browsing for new makeup or beauty products as I value her opinion. As a trained MUA (makeup artist) and beautician, as well as being a blogger myself, I think it’s vitally important to do your research on a product before trying it yourself with the view to using it on clients, telling friends/family about it or posting your own review. 

I think that’s enough for now. I tried to incorporate a good mixture of blogs as I know not everyone just reads beauty blogs (sorry lads!) I’d love to hear your thoughts on the bloggers I have mentioned here, below. Leave me a comment letting me know what other blogs I should check out. 

I have already started on my part 2 which features beauties such as Batmom and The Frozen Mind. I’m hoping to have my next one up at the beginning of November, the more recommendations on bloggers I get, the more posts you guys have to look forward to! So, get commenting!

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For true crime fans, Mystery Monday posts are, here.

Until next time peeps!

Stay safe and be kind.


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