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November 9, 2018northernirishgirlonline

Hey all,

So my beautiful and talented friend Rachel from My Spotted Blog, and I were talking recently about the Tweet I’d sent on guest posts. I was absolutely delighted when she decided upon a cold case. 

She kept the chosen case a secret, so I was over the moon when she chose, Leah Roberts. I have seen Leah Roberts story in lots of cold case Youtube videos and even featured in some books. Please give this a good read, please also share as someone out there knows something. they know where she is. Her family just want her home, she needs to be home with them.

Without further ado, give this a good read and if you know anything contact your local authorities. Make sure to go to Rachel’s blog and give it a follow, give her lots of love and as always feel free to leave comments, below.

Leah Roberts photo

I fell in love with true crime mysteries with the discovery of the Crime Junkie Podcast. In a wonderful style, Ashley and Brit tell the tales of true crimes that will leave you stunned. After binging episodes non-stop for a week, I became so paranoid I had to stop listening for a few months. I’ve recently started listening to them again (at a much slower pace this time). When I spoke to Nicole about doing a guest post and saw her first “Mystery Monday,” I knew what I had to do! This post is inspired by the latest Crime Junkie Podcast episode I listened to, the missing case of Leah Roberts, and y’all – it’s a doozey.


Leah is the youngest of three siblings, born into a family in North Carolina, USA. In 1995 Leah went to college at North Carolina State University, and in her sophomore year of college, at the age of 20, Leah’s troubles begin. At this time Leah’s mother died suddenly from heart disease. Understandingly enough, she took some time off school. After briefly returning to school, she is involved in a terrible car accident in 1998. From this car accident, she suffered a punctured lung and shattered femur, causing the doctors to insert a metal rod next to it to heal.

This car accident is where Kara, Leah’s younger sister, marked the beginning of Leah’s spiritual and free outlook on life – she wanted to live life to the fullest. In 1999 Leah was scheduled to travel to Costa Rica for studies, and three weeks before her departure, her father suddenly died. Despite this, and given the tragedies in her life, Leah decided to continue with her trip.

Important to note: At this time Leah luckily gave Kara power of attorney over her bank accounts, which held a small inheritance from her parents.

Leah returned, and prior to completing her degree dropped out of school, made new friends and explored a new lifestyle. Leah was enthralled with Jack Kerouac, novelist, and even spoke with her roommate Nicole about a cross-country road trip.


March 9, 2000: Leah and Kara have a phone call, ending with an understanding they would be seeing each other again soon.

March 10, 2000: Leah and Nicole were to babysit together. Upon returning from work, Nicole noticed Leah’s 1993 white Jeep Cherokee missing from the driveway, along with Leah herself, who never showed up to babysit.

March 11, 2000: Leah missed more prescheduled plans and multiple people were looking for her.

March 13, 2000: Kara reports Leah missing.

March 14, 2000: Kara and Nicole search Leah’s room and find it looks as if she left for a planned trip, with clothes missing, as she had packed bags. On her dresser, Kara finds a note that says “I’m not suicidal. I’m the opposite.” The note also included enough money to cover a months’ worth of expenses and noted Jack Kerouac.

Remember that luckily Kara had power of attorney on Leah’s bank accounts? Well, Kara used this to track Leah’s spending. Kara found that Leah started travels on March 9th, where she checked into a hotel in Tennessee, and appeared to be heading West. Kara also noted a withdrawal of several thousand dollars, and the last transaction to ever leave Leah’s bank account was for gas in Oregon on March 13th.


March 18, 2000: Kara receives notice that Leah’s car had been found by joggers in Washington. Leah’s Jeep appeared to have been accelerating up a hill when it veered off road and down a steep embankment. The Jeep was severely damaged, but Leah was no-where to be found. It actually appeared that no one was in the car at the time of the crash.

Blankets and pillows hung against the windows suggested Leah may have been using it as shelter. Though there was no sight or evidence of Leah being at the scene of the crash, left behind was her passport, chequebook, IDs, and over $2,000 in cash.

There was no blood at the scene. There was no evidence a body was harmed during the accident, or that there was even a body in the car at the time of the accident. If the accident was staged, how was it accelerating by itself, and why were all of Leah’s belongings still in the car?

Through investigation of a movie theatre ticket stub found in Leah’s pocket, Kara and their brother Heath found themselves in a restaurant they felt Leah would’ve eaten at. Call it siblings’ intuition because they were right. After a call for witnesses from the restaurant to reach out to law enforcement, they received their first lead – two actually.

Leah has been seen at the bar of the restaurant sitting between two guys. The first guy called and said he sat next to her, but they barely spoke to each other, but Leah and the second guy chatted quite a bit. The second guy called and said he hardly spoke to Leah as well, but with the first guy’s call, they probe further, to which the second guy gives way.

The man then tells them he spoke to Leah about Jack Kerouac, but their chat was brief. The second guy then says she leaves with a man named Barry, and he provides a detailed description. Both men are investigated but are cleared of interest. This is where the case goes cold.

The Case Is Still Open

source en.wikipedia.orgwikiDisappearance_of_Leah_Roberts

In 2006 the original detective assigned to Leah’s case passes his files to two younger detectives who realized no one ever looked under the hood of Leah’s Jeep. Upon investigating under the hood, they find that the starter relay has been cut – this would allow a car to accelerate without the gas pedal being pressed. This confirmed no one was in the car at the time of the crash. This also confirmed that whoever did this had knowledge of cars, and likely had a background in mechanics.

This led them back to their only suspects. Would you guess it – guy number two was a prior mechanic. Not only that but shortly after Leah’s disappearance he moved to Canada.

Luckily, the detectives found a fingerprint under Leah’s Jeeps hood. The detectives worked with Canada’s authorities to test the fingerprints, and sadly, they were not a match.

This leaves open-ended questions.

With dog searches, and metal detector searches (looking for the metal rod in Leah’s leg), nothing new has been discovered.

Where do you think Leah is? Do you think she planned this or, was it sinister doing of someone else? Do you believe either of the men aided in her disappearance? Let us know your thoughts.

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  • Protecting Yourself

    November 10, 2018 at 2:11 am

    […] If you haven’t yet, check out my guest post on Northern Irish Girl Online, Missing: Leah Roberts. […]

  • myspottedblog

    November 9, 2018 at 1:20 pm

    After seeing you post this I retold the story to my boyfriend and gave myself chills all over again! Part of me really thinks she dropped all things and left. Maybe took on a new identity. Boyfriend is convinced it wasnt guy number two, I’m kind of convinced it was. Maybe he hd an accomplice cut the starter relay? What do you think?


    Rachel |

    1. northernirishgirlonline

      November 9, 2018 at 1:27 pm

      I’m with you, she may have just went into hiding. The only thing is she has one of those faces you’d just remember, so unless she had the money to get plastic surgery I dunno how she hasn’t been recognised.

      I think it was number 2 it just seems like everything is pointing to that guy, definitely wasn’t just a one man job. Such a frustrating and sad case, so much adds up, but so much doesn’t.

      I shared it on all social media, especially Reddit so let’s hope someone comes forward soon. Even if it’s Leah to say she’s fine as really that’s all her family needs.

      Amazing post well done again Rachel for sharing this xx

      1. myspottedblog

        November 9, 2018 at 1:51 pm

        Like I do just think she ran, but the only thing is that if she did why didn’t she take her cash? Or part of me wonders if guy number convinced her to run during their convo. I guess the other question though would be where was she while he was being investigated? So many questions! Have you heard of the Bryce Laspisa missing story? That one gave me so many chills and freaking vibes. It’s even more curious than Leah I think.

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