Hey loves,

There is going to be a few blog posts coming up that raise more awareness to the LGBTQI community. It’ll feature an interview by a person of each member of the LGBTQI community, from different countries, cultures, ages and a lot more.

For those wondering why I wanted to do this so badly, I am a huge supporter of the LGBTQI community, I have a good few gay friends, lesbian friends, bisexual friends and I follow a lot of transgender people on social media and have done since before their journey’s started (Gigi Gorgeous and Nikita Dragun being two of those people).

Also, everyone knows how much I love Melanie Murphy, she is an author, Youtuber and a certified Girl Boss” who inspired me to continue with my passion for writing my book and having it published. She’s also a bisexual woman who is not afraid to stand up and talk about the community and share her stories with the world which is amazing. You can purchase Melanie’s book which talks a bit about her bisexuality on Amazon. I have included the link, here.

I am also the older and very protective cousin of two male family members that came out as gay several years ago. One of them had told me years before and I was the first person he told, I’ll never forget that as it meant so much he trusted me with his secret and he knew I’d support him, no matter what.

As an advocate for the LGBTQI community I feel strongly they aren’t supported enough, especially not in Northern Ireland. Did you know at present day the bill for Same Sex Marriage still hasn’t been passed?

You’ll also probably be aware of cakegate, a Christian bakery called Ashers Bakery wouldn’t sell a cake to two gay men because it went against their religion. I’ll post an actual blog post on this shortly.

I really hope that I do this series justice, as it’s so important to me that every voice is heard and everyone is happy with the content.

Credit to Barnardo’s for this beautiful video, please visit their website, here for more information on the work they do in partnership with the Positive Identities Service.

Things are becoming more positive in the LGBTQ community and things are really changing for the better. However, there is still a tonne of very rude, ignorant people who still don’t understand that LOVE is LOVE. It is my hope that by doing these interviews, it’ll lead to some guest blog posts from members of the LGBTQ community to help raise more awareness and shine more light on the community and how amazing and NORMAL these beautiful individuals are.

Remember to be kind and be safe.

Look out for these amazing interviews coming soon, if there is anything, in particular, you’d like me to ask my amazing volunteers, or if you know of anyone who would be interested in becoming a guest blogger as part of this series, on my site then please let me know.