Hey, all you beautiful, sexy, people,

If I’m super well behaved or lucky, take your pick, I may on the occasion be approached by brands and companies that want me to include their products in my posts. I may also be asked to review products so I want to be clear so there is no confusion or, any person feeling like they have been misled. I have broken it down quite simply, below:

Working in Partnership with

If I mention at the beginning, middle, or end of my blog post that I am working in partnership with a particular brand or company that means they are paying me to have their products in my blog post.

Working in Collaboration with

If I mention at the beginning, middle, or end of my blog post that I am working in collaboration with a particular brand or company that means they aren’t paying me to promote the post, but have sent me the product in return for exposure, a possible link or discount code that my readers can use.

I have never and WILL NEVER, EVER, accept or agree to promote a product that I don’t believe in or, review a product and give a false review for a payday. As my granda (RIP my hero) once said:

“You’re born with no money, you die with no money.” – Benjamin English, 2015

I blog because I want to help people, whether it’s on how to check your boobs for suspicious lumps (like this post), or reviewing a product so you don’t have to (like this post). If I say something doesn’t work or isn’t worth your money then that is 100% what I believe and no money in the world will ever change that for me. 

With that in mind – I will always be honest and fair to everyone, regardless of the person or product. My reviews have and always will be accurate, and true to the best of my knowledge and if you think I have misinformed you, or have different information to what has been given on any product, recipe, brand or advice post then please contact me via the contact section of my site.

For the Brands & Companies Reading This

If you are from a brand or company and you have clicked on the PR page on my site, I am assuming by you doing that you want to get in touch and discuss ideas, potential posts or to create a working partnership then please click here to contact me. I always respond within 2 business days. 

I, of course, am excited about any potential partnership that will benefit my readers and other social media followers, but please do bear in mind that I will always remain honest and true to my followers. My blog has been built on a foundation of black, white, grey themes, a large portion of wittiness, sprinkled with advice, one or two little tantrum rants, a lot of me talking about how Belfast is the best thing since SLR cameras were invented and a dollop of product reviews. I won’t change this foundation for anyone or anything, ever.

I am very passionate about what I do, I am passionate about my content and what I produce. This has been a silent dream of mine for such a long time and I have worked so hard to get to this place so I hope that you can respect that. My social media following comes from all around the world. India, to the U.K, to Brasil, to America, to Ireland to Malta, right through to China, these people are my people.

Brands I have collaborated and/or worked in partnership with to date are:

  • Audible
  • Spotify
  • Ann Summers
  • Kinky Panda
  • Truly Be

If you are still interested then fantastic, let’s do this!

What to expect from me

  • Working in partnership posts (Sponsored posts)
  • Working in collaboration posts
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Press Trips

And so much more, please ask to see my Media Kit for further details and I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you in the future.

Until next time peeps!

Stay safe and be kind.